Business is hard. Life is challenging.

But we can learn so much from other peoples mistakes, wisdom and codified systems. And, by doing so, improve our lives and reduce our paid.

That is where online education comes in. We believe that online  educators changed (and continue to change) the the world.

We want to help accelerate that change. No matter the issue, there is a coach that can help.

S2 Digital are on a mission:

We are on a mission to help business owners get the training and education they need from coaches and consultants who know what they are talking about. - Kevin Izevbigie

meet our team

We are a team of people who fell in love with information and those who provide it.

Stephanie Kadhim

Operations Director

Kevin Izevbigie

Founder and CEO

Nick Omosophe

Head Of Account Management

Clara Delgado

Office Manager